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September 2, 2018
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Sunana Classic


The Sunana is designed to give you years of reliable service for charging mobile phones and other USB-powered devices, and also give you efficient LED lighting.

Sunana can be used to charge up to 5 mobile phones simultaneously.  It works with feature phones and smartphones as well as tablets, cameras, and other small electronics devices.  The Sunana comes complete with LED lights and a DC power outlet.

All Sunana models are solar powered.

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The Sunana Classic is designed to give you years of reliable service for charging mobile phones and other USB-powered devices, and also give you efficient LED lighting.

The Sunana charger can charge four or more mobile phones in a very short time, generating revenue for the vendor with free sunshine.  The Charger has a custom designed solar panel attached to the top of a trader’s umbrella, where it collects solar energy throughout the day.

Simply plug in your mobile phone to get a quick charge anytime during the day or night.  The Sunana kit comes with a set of LED lights for use in the evening. The Sunana kit has a handsome carry-bag, and contains many security features.

Packing List

  1. Tote bag
  2. Solar panel with cable attached
  3. Sunana box
  4. LED lights with USB connector (2)


# Unpack the Sunana box from the tote bag and place it on a strong stable surface.
# Remove the solar panel and connect the cable to the Sunana box.  Make sure the pins are aligned properly, and screw in the connector sleeve.
# Place the panel on top of your umbrella or on a nearby surface that is exposed to the sun.
# Check the green LED “charging” indicator.  It should be on to confirm that the internal battery is being charged.
# Turn on the main switch and check that the battery voltage of the Sunana box is 12 volts or higher
# Plug in your devices and charge or use the devices accordingly
# When done charging you may disconnect the panel from the Sunana box.  The box will maintain charge and can be used indoors or outdoors after the panel is disconnected.
# The panel can be left in position after being disconnected from the Sunana box, provided the location is secure.  # The panel can take dust and small amounts of moisture.  However, it should be removed and stowed during heavy rains.

Technical Specifications

Solar Panel : 50W Umbrella design or Rigid Polycrystalline
Battery : 1x20Ah AGM
Charging Time : 6-8 hours
Output : 4 ports 5V 3A USB, 2 ports 12V 5A DC
Accessories : 2x5W LED lamps, tote bag
Weight : 8 kg
Dimensions : 340x240x155mm
Warranty : 2 years

Care and Maintenance

The user should take note of the following points:

The panel surface should be kept clean and free of dust by wiping the surface with a soft cloth. If necessary a damp cloth can be used.
The box should be used and stored on a stable surface or on the ground. Due to the weight of the battery the internal electronics can be damaged easily if the box is dropped.
Care should be taken when connecting or removing the cable connectors. Make sure the pins are aligned properly and screw the connector down.
The controller built into the box will prevent the battery from overcharging and over discharging. However, care should be taken not to drain the battery below 12 volts if possible.


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