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1What is Sunana?
Sunana is a unique solar powered device that enables street vendors and other small businesses to increase revenues and profits by providing phone charging, internet, and other business services to their local communities.
2What can Sunana do?
Sunana can be used to charge up to 5 mobile phones simultaneously. It works with feature phones and smartphones as well as tablets, cameras, and other small electronics devices. The Sunana comes complete with LED lights and a DC power outlet. For AC power, we offer the SUnanaBigBox for powering laptops, fans, and desktop computers. All Sunana models are solar powered.
3How long will it last with each charge?
On a full charge, Sunana can provide power for charging 20-30 phones during the day and lighting for at least 10 hours at night. The combination of phone charging and lighting depends on the user.
4How many years does the Sunana last?
With proper care the Sunana should provide at least three years of daily reliable service. Solar Light is building a network of service centers for repair and maintenance of Sunana units.
5Is there a warranty?
All Sunana units are covered by a one year warranty on parts and performance. You are assured of reliable support wherever you are.
6What are the costs?
The Sunana Classic has a suggested price of Gc950 (about $250). The SunanaBigBox has a suggested price of Gc2,800 (about $750).
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